Writing for company publications

Objectives - to Inform, Persuade, Train, EntertainWhen it comes to presenting information clearly and precisely, it makes sense to ask a professional to edit or write the text for you. It is worth remembering that if the writing in the company brochures and website is out of sync with the intended message, the task of convincing customers about the quality of goods or services is that much harder.

One of the most often overlooked keys to successful writing is to focus on clear objectives from the start. Is the intension of your message to inform customers about changes in an organisation or to persuade them to buy a product? Or is the text needed as part of a training manual? Perhaps a humorous after-dinner speech is the order of the day? Every situation has its own style that can be professionally tailored and personalised to suit your requirements. I am here to help!

Academic writing

Over the years I have helped academics to present their ideas in fluently-written manuscripts. An academic text almost always follows strict formatting rules, particularly if it will be submitted for publication. Besides doctorates, I have helped to polish up research articles on a wide range of fascinating subjects, including psychology, economics, social sciences, hydrology and engineering.

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