Presentations for professional presenters

Paul Wilkinson increasing your confidence levelConfidence is key when it comes to making the right impression. If you don’t feel comfortable when giving a presentation, nobody else will. Unfortunately, many a great idea has been lost simply because it wasn’t shown in the right way.

Professional presentation training is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

This 2-day intensive course (in English) will provide you with pedagogically-proven communication methods to successfully get a message across to an international audience.

The course offered is very much a hands-on approach, where benefit-focused presentations are planned, put into practice and then reviewed by an expert.

Good presenters are born not made!

It is important to remember that everyone is different. For example, some presenters are charismatic and extrovert, while others are more subtle and rely on understatement. This 2-day intensive course develops the natural strengths and positive qualities of a person in order for them to present in the best way possible. On this course, you will discover why the mantra at Paul Wilkinson Communications is that everyone is a born presenter in their own way.

Presentations for presenters is a two-day intensive course that can be booked exclusively for your company. The recommended maximum size of a group is eight participants. Alternatively, if you would like to participate in an open course, please check with us concerning dates of courses being held in your area.

This course is a combination of theory, presentation planning and video performances. The video aspect is used to help presenters focus and develop their strengths. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a copy of their video performances on a USB stick as well as a course book covering the key points taught.

For a more detailed course offer, please contact me