Why take the first steps with Paul?

Communications expert

Paul will help you deliver successful English presentations, improve e-mail correspondence and develop small talk and negotiation skills through professional language use. He provides energizing training and lectures on presentation skills, the media, language and cross-culture for leading companies and institutions.

Avoid the “powerpoint poisoning”

Your presentation skills can make the difference between success and failure. Paul Wilkinson Communications will give you the confidence to stand up and deliver your message to any size group. Adding value to a company and its staff is essential for corporate presentation training. Paul helps you deliver your message with confidence.

Language courses tailored to your needs

Language is at the core of what Paul Wilkinson Communications do. We specialise in helping your company and employees maximise your business potential by providing first-class business and corporate language training that drives effective communication. Paul is an expert in delivering face-to-face business language training.

Our core services

  • Professional presentation courses

    Confidence is key when it comes to making the right impression. If you don’t feel comfortable when giving a presentation, nobody else will. See how you can increase your confidence level.

  • Language courses

    As with any skill, it is only through applied practice that English language proficiency becomes available on demand. See how you or your business can get that proficiency.

  • Video and narration services

    A good voice over needs to be fluent, convincing and engaging to get a message across. See how you can get your message across.

  • Writing and editing work

    If the writing in the company brochures and website is out of sync with the intended message, it is much harder to convince your customers. See how you can get your message in sync.

  • Translations

    Paul Wilkinson Communications has been involved in translations for many leading companies and institutions in the region for several years. See how you can take advantage of this experience.

  • Travel

    One of the best ways to develop language skills is to spend some time in a country where the language is spoken. See how you can improve your English skills on a language trip.