News bulletin

Posted by Paul Wilkinson on  August 3, 2021
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Dear Customers, After a very challenging year because of the Coronavirus I am pleased to report that I am still very much in business. The translation side of my work turned out to be particularly busy because of company restructuring and new investment opportunities in the region. Likewise, the proofreading and editing work has been very good throughout the year. I hope I will be able to continue helping my customers, both old and new,

Christmas Greeting 2020

Posted by Paul Wilkinson on  December 15, 2020
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Dear Customers 2020 has been a challenging year for everybody.  Since March, the COVID 19 coronavirus has managed to disrupt people’s lives in very many ways as governments tackle the spread of the disease. Almost all companies in the energy sector switched to teleworking, which was especially noticeable within company training. Suddenly courses were moved to distance learning or cancelled altogether. Some students even found themselves furloughed and economic hardship became an uncomfortable reality for

English for business courses

Posted by Paul Wilkinson on  August 13, 2020
Category: Language courses, News
  English for business courses   NEW COURSE INFO UUSI KURSSITIETO Lower intermediate course Taso: Matala keskitaso Kurssiajat: Tiistaisin klo. 16.30-18.00 Päivämäärä: 15. syyskuuta – 15. joulukuuta 2020 (13 viikkoa) Alusta: Zoom-videoneuvottelut Sijainti: Missä tahansa, kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä   Oletko valmis syksyä varten? Paul Wilkinson on viestinnän asiantuntija, joka on auttanut suomalaisia ​​yrityksiä kehittämään englanninkielisiä taitojaan yli 30 vuoden ajan. Hän auttaa sinua päivittämään kielioppisi, puhumaan yrityksestäsi ammattimaisella tavalla, parantamaan smalltalk-taitoja ja kirjoittamaan parempia sähköposteja.

Covid-19 update

Posted by Paul Wilkinson on  August 3, 2020
Dear Customers Due to the current Covid 19 situation, my company (like other enterprises) needs to reassess and clarify how business activities will be conducted in the coming months. Translation work, proofreading, editing and voiceover work will continue as before. Please send material using the already established channels. However, training courses will have to be conducted remotely this autumn. This is to ensure the safety of all students as well as myself. During this spring,

Settling on the West Coast of Finland

Posted by Paul Wilkinson on  February 17, 2020
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Vaasa is making a name for itself as an international technology cluster Large lithium reserves attracting investment to the region A Finnish city where English is extensively spoken The Vaasa market square. Photograph: Paul Wilkinson Paul Wilkinson Mon 17 Feb 2020 18.00 GMT Map showing the 63rd parallel north.              OpenStreetMap The City of Vaasa can be found halfway up the west coast of Finland, at about the 63rd parallel north. By