Midsummer greeting


Dear Clients!

Firstly, I  wish you all a very pleasant Midsummer and I hope you manage to enjoy your time off work during the summer holiday season. I will be away from the office from 27 June until 7 July. During this time I will not be checking my email as often as usual. However, I am still available for urgent matters.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all my regular clients for their continued support and trust in my skills over the years. During this spring there have been many interesting translation projects to work with. It is nice to note that my clients are very aware that good English content on websites is an important part of maintaining a professional media presence. My clients know that the translations I produce are accurate, delivered on time and fluent for an English-speaking readership.

This spring I have not been able to run many group language courses due to time restraints and coronavirus concerns. However, I did arrange several  private courses through Teams and Zoom which were very enjoyable to teach. I will continue to use this communication platform in the autumn as it is something that my clients request in feedback. Please feel free to contact me for more information on such courses through the following link.


Kind regards

Paul Wilkinson