New Voiceover Project Published

This is the latest recording that has been made by C2 Advertising for Citec. It was nice to have helped with the recording of this voiceover in the new C2 recording studio.

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Latest Kulttour published

The latest edition of Kulttour has now been sent out in the Vaasa region. There is also an English summary in the magazine that I have made. For those who have not received the magazine, it is possible to read it online either through this link or by clicking on the text below.




New Vaasa magazine English translation

The latest Vaasa City news magazine is now being distributed throughout the region.  I am pleased to have been invited to provided the briefly in English translation again.

To see the online edition click here.  The English section can be found on Pages 20.

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Skype one-to-one training


Travel and culture

One of the best ways to develop language skills is to spend some time in a country where the language is spoken. For many years now I have been organizing culture trips to English speaking countries.

Besides many trips to London, I have also hosted some great trips to Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight, Canterbury, Cornwall, Wales, The Yorkshire Dales, Scotland and Ireland.

More than just a language trip!

Every trip is designed to take visitors to places off the beaten track in order to experience much more than what the guidebooks have to offer. I prefer to keep the size of the group very small and arrange for us to stay in interesting locations full of charm and character.

  • The Isle of Wight

    Language travels with Paul Wilkinson
  • Walking the Yorkshire Dales

    Language travels with Paul Wilkinson

If you are interested in receiving further information on a cultural trip please get in touch.

Video and narration services

Video and narration services

A good voice overA good voice over needs to be fluent, convincing and engaging to get a message across. The right intonation has to suit both your key objectives and the intended target audience. These are the rules I follow in every company follow in training animation I work with.

Recordings are always made in a professional studio to ensure that the very best quality of sound reproduction is guaranteed.
Over the years I have made recordings for many companies and institutions including Wärtsilä, ABB, Vaasa City, Citec and Yle.

Take a look at some examples of my recent work.

Simply send your script or outline and I will weave it into a professionally sounding recording for you.

If you wish to contact me for more information.



Professional translations by Paul WilkinsonI have been involved in translations for many leading companies and institutions in the region for several years.

Some of the larger projects I have worked on include publications for the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, Vaasa City, Vaasa University, the Fisheries Institute and Åbo Academy.

No translation is ever too small or too large to deal with. Whether your requirement is for a complete translation from start to finish or to simply polish-up a draft made earlier, help is at hand.

In order to guarantee that the translations delivered to you are as accurate as possible, quality checks are made at different points during the translation process. Before delivery, I personally ensure that every translation is thoroughly checked by a native speaker for accuracy. And because I know you have tight deadlines, I keep to mine.

Please contact me if you would like to receive a no obligation offer on your next translation.

Language courses

Corporate language training

Although staff may read and write English on a daily basis, it is through speaking and listening that pronunciation and fluency really develop. As with any skill, it is only through applied practice that proficiency becomes available on demand.

Language training is tailormadeIn-house company language training is a cost-effective way of maintaining and developing professional communication skills. The top firms in Finland regularly hold such training for their management and staff.

Participants typically meet for 1.5 hour sessions on a weekly basis or as part of an intensive course. Under my guidance, students are actively encouraged to practise new vocabulary by taking part in controlled discussions surrounding the latest developments within their professional fields and talking about the important news topics of the day.

If requested, cross cultural aspects can also be brought into the curriculum. The training is given either on a one to one basis or in a small group. The maximum group size is never more than 10 to allow everyone to have an active role in the training session.

Training is always tailor-made to suit the requirements of the company. If you would like to know more about the training opportunities available for your company, do not hesitate to contact me.

Open courses for smaller companies

Each year, a limited number of open courses are run for smaller companies to participate. Please ask about the latest courses in your area.

Ask about the training opportunities available for your company or language courses in your area!

Writing and editing work

Writing for company publications

Objectives - to Inform, Persuade, Train, EntertainWhen it comes to presenting information clearly and precisely, it makes sense to ask a professional to edit or write the text for you. It is worth remembering that if the writing in the company brochures and website is out of sync with the intended message, the task of convincing customers about the quality of goods or services is that much harder.

One of the most often overlooked keys to successful writing is to focus on clear objectives from the start. Is the intension of your message to inform customers about changes in an organisation or to persuade them to buy a product? Or is the text needed as part of a training manual? Perhaps a humorous after-dinner speech is the order of the day? Every situation has its own style that can be professionally tailored and personalised to suit your requirements. I am here to help!

Academic writing

Over the years I have helped academics to present their ideas in fluently-written manuscripts. An academic text almost always follows strict formatting rules, particularly if it will be submitted for publication. Besides doctorates, I have helped to polish up research articles on a wide range of fascinating subjects, including psychology, economics, social sciences, hydrology and engineering.

Please get in touch for a free quotation regarding your next writing project. You won’t be disappointed!

Professional presentation courses

Presentations for professional presenters

Paul Wilkinson increasing your confidence levelConfidence is key when it comes to making the right impression. If you don’t feel comfortable when giving a presentation, nobody else will. Unfortunately, many a great idea has been lost simply because it wasn’t shown in the right way.

Professional presentation training is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

This 2-day intensive course (in English) will provide you with pedagogically-proven communication methods to successfully get a message across to an international audience.

The course offered is very much a hands-on approach, where benefit-focused presentations are planned, put into practice and then reviewed by an expert.

Good presenters are born not made!

It is important to remember that everyone is different. For example, some presenters are charismatic and extrovert, while others are more subtle and rely on understatement. This 2-day intensive course develops the natural strengths and positive qualities of a person in order for them to present in the best way possible. On this course, you will discover why the mantra at Paul Wilkinson Communications is that everyone is a born presenter in their own way.

Presentations for presenters is a two-day intensive course that can be booked exclusively for your company. The recommended maximum size of a group is eight participants. Alternatively, if you would like to participate in an open course, please check with us concerning dates of courses being held in your area.

This course is a combination of theory, presentation planning and video performances. The video aspect is used to help presenters focus and develop their strengths. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a copy of their video performances on a USB stick as well as a course book covering the key points taught.

For a more detailed course offer, please contact me